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Rob Casey

In response to calls to simplify the accounting demands on private companies, the Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued two new standards that will allow private companies to forego annual impairment tests of goodwill and more easily apply hedge accounting to certain interest rate swaps.  Read about the benefits of adopting these accounting alternatives for fiscal year 2013 or subsequent years.  

Dan Snyder's Fight for the Redskins Name - Doomed Idealism or Financial Pragmatism?  

In summer 2014, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled the registration of six trademarks associated with the Washington Redskins. In most businesses as visible as the Redskins, the loss of a core trademark would seem devastating, yet owner Dan Snyder refuses to change the team name. Does the cost of changing the name outweigh the cost of losing six trademarks? Find out in this week's #ExecutiveDecisions.

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