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XBRL Reporting & Assurance

Is your XBRL data accurate?  If you are not sure, you could face SEC penalties upon expiration of the SEC's limited liability provisions.

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Data-centric financial reporting is here to stay. With the impending expiration of limited liability, now is the time to make sure that your company is in compliance.  For publicly traded companies, XBRL compliance can be stressful because, if not done well, it can lead to serious SEC penalties.

During the early days of XBRL, companies relied on their financial printers to complete the financial statement tagging and taxonomy process.  Today we know that the error rate associated with those filings is extremely high. 

Now that the limited liability has passed, you need to be working with a CPA who specializes in XBRL to ensure that your reporting is completed accurately and filed timely.  You will gain peace of mind, become a better business, and stay in compliance when working with Habif, Arogeti & Wynne's XBRL Reporting & Assurance team.

You can stay focused on leading your company, tending to shareholders'  needs and executing on your strategy. HA&W's XBRL Reporting & Assurance team has the software capabilities and GAAP accounting expertise to  complete efficiently your company's XBRL filing or to perform an agreed upon procedures project to ensure reporting compliance.

Every skill set needed to file these reports timely and accurately sit under one roof at HA&W, which means our process is efficient and ultimately will save you money and guarantee you're not going to have a 302 compliance certification worry.

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