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Family Law

Divorce and estate-related disputes can involve the deepest emotions – and the deepest financial issues

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You want to resolve your family law case quickly and fairly. In complex matters, those two objectives can be at odds.  

Whether it’s on behalf of plantiff or defendant, you can count on us for objective expertise that enables you to unravel the most difficult monetary conflicts and clarify important issues concerning the holdings of high-net-worth individuals.

You want the truth. Our forensic accounting team regularly assesses the value of businesses, and tirelessly gets to the bottom of allegations of hidden assets. You want easy-to-understand findings and unbiased expert testimony at deposition or trial. We're known for explaining and presenting matters in plain English to clarify even the most complicated disputes. 

To achieve your goals, rely on us for:

  • Asset and cash flow tracing
  • Transaction analysis
  • Business & asset valuations
  • Child support, life style needs & income tax calculations
  • Assistance with mediations & settlement
  • Expert witness & testimony
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