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Transition your business with the biggest upside.

You knew it was going to happen someday; at least that was the hope, the new American dream:  Start and build a company that one day sells at high multiples to a bigger competitor, transitions to your children or IPOs. 

You’re there.  The years of late nights, global travel, and 2 a.m. conference calls are paying off.  It’s time to find a trusted advisor with your best interest at heart to get you the multiples you deserve and help you manage the new wealth you’ve created.

Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP specializes in working with companies that are experiencing an equity event.  We can take you from initial business valuation to personal wealth management planning so you can dedicate yourself to the volunteer efforts, causes and charities that are important to you.

And we’re there with you when you’re ready to do it again. Many HA&W clients are serial entrepreneurs.

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