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Health Care IT

The maximum fine per year for HIPAA violations is $1.5 million. The $1.5 million question: how do you know you're HIPAA compliant?

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The health care IT industry is booming, not only here in Georgia but also nationally. You want to grow intelligently, saving money that can be reinvested into your business and structuring your company to support future expansion. You know you need to meet your customers' needs, providing them with the assurance that your services are secure and protected, while simultaneously complying with the complex regulations of today's IT world. Above all else, you seek peace of mind.

Working with HA&W, you'll finally have peace of mind over these daunting issues. You'll work with our expert professionals, who are at the cutting edge of the issues that matter most to you, like the medical device tax and HIPAA compliance requirements. You will receive innovative solutions to help your company save money, such as federal and state R&D Tax Credits and other credits.

At the same time, you will get detailed reviews and feedback on your privacy and security controls. We've pioneered a holistic approach to risk assessment and management, and we don't believe in just checking off the boxes. For instance, when it comes to laws like the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule, you may not be aware of the requirements pertaining to your business. By working with HA&W, you will receive guidance on what criteria you need to meet and whether you need to make changes to meet those criteria. Ultimately, you will come away knowing that you've done not only what was needed to fulfill your compliance and customers' needs, but also what will make you a better business.

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