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By 2017, the video game software development industry will be a $16 billion sector. And Georgia is recognized as one of the leading states encouraging video game companies to start up and grow. Georgia offers a lucrative tax credit that enables game developers to reinvest cash into their businesses and people.

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Nationally, the video game industry is set to grow 7.5 percent per year to 2017, and Georgia is benefiting from that growth. In fact, according to a recent Georgia video game industry study, for every one job, 3.78 jobs are created. Enabling the growth of this industry is Georgia's lucrative film tax credit.

Every day video game companies realize the full potential of the tax credit that can be monetized by working with HA&W. In a recent HA&W poll of video game companies, results indicated that 60 percent of respondents said that they use the tax credit to hire more developers and/or increase the salaries of existing employees.

In addition, the majority of Georgia gaming companies count on HA&W for tax planning and compliance, efficient international tax structures, transfer pricing, audited financial statements and other business consulting projects.

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