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CleanTech (Clean Technology)

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When the concept of clean technology (cleantech) entered into the spotlight near the end of the 20th century, nobody really knew how far the industry would go, but with the turn of the century and a new focus on the environment, the industry took off. In fact, over the next five to ten years, the industry is expected to continue on a rising curve. As a young industry, cleantech companies need financial backing, so whether you're a startup looking for that first round of capital or in need of later stage financing, HA&W has a deep venture capital and private equity network that you can tap into to help you be successful. Additionally, because of the size and variety of services we provide, you'll never have to go through the hassle of finding a new accounting firm. You can never outgrow HA&W.

More than helping you find the financial backing you need, you can save money through accurate tax planning and tax incentive utilization, while making sure your revenues are being accurately recognized with the assistance of our dedicated technology industry team. As a technology company, a variety of tax credits and incentives are available to you, and we can assist you in making sure that your revenue is being recognized accurately and in a way that saves you the most money. Looking to exit? HA&W has a team dedicated to conducting due diligence and structuring services on the buy- and sell-side of transactions.

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